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Police Major Travis Yates has helped officers and helped improve the law enforcement profession throughout his entire career—as an officer, an educator, and outspoken critic. He has often challenged the ways that cowardly leaders and the media have harmed other officers, and the law enforcement profession overall.

And he recently spoke out against the accusations of “systematic racism” against law enforcement in America—and has been attacked by the media.

A Media Attack on a Law Enforcement Advocate…

On June June 8, 2020, during a radio interview on the Pat Campbell Show, Travis challenged the vague accusations of systematic racism against police officers. He explained the improbability of systematic racism.

Radio host Pat Campbell asked Travis about:

“And then we start bringing up the actual facts and figures, as you have on the program about police incidents where minorities are shot by the police versus whites shot by the police, the facts—the stats—don’t line up with the narrative that CNN and the others want us to believe” (-22:45 through -22:14).

Lost in Comparison?

Travis then compared statistics involving “whites” and “African-Americans,” the terms the FBI uses in their data. But the media completely ignored what Travis said about law enforcement shooting whites. Not one news article has mentioned that side of Travis’ comparison—not one (If you find one, please tell us!).

Travis then said, “And by the way, if we [the police] are shooting people based on behavior and not on race, that number should be even” (-15:39).

Travis explained that according to the Washington Post Police Shooting Database, which lists all the “unarmed” suspects shot by police, African-Americans are shot at a lower rate (2%), than whites (3%). This flatly challenges the myth of systematic racism.

Travis then said, “All the research says—including Roland Fryer, an African American Harvard professor, Heather MacDonald, and the National Academy of Sciences—all of their research says we are shooting African-Americans about 24% less than we probably ought to be, based on the crimes being committed. This isn’t Travis talking. The research is sound but nobody’s watching it. They’re just looking at memes and losing their minds.”

The Research The Media Wants You to Ignore…

Fortunately, in reality, the shootings are much less as Travis pointed out. Travis had the courage to speak out against the myth of systematic racism—and cited research to back up his claim. But it didn’t take long for the media to turn what should have been a positive message into a personal attack.

And for the record, the statistic Travis quoted—the lowest, most conservative of its kind—comes from Harvard economist Roland Fryer, who wrote in 2017 that: “Controlling for all characteristics from incident reports, black suspects are 24.2 percent less likely to be shot than non-black suspects” (Fryer, 2017, p. 26).

Fryer’s statistic of probability—which is why Travis said “probably” when he referenced it—also appeared in a New York Times article in 2016, as shown below:

Travis also mentioned author Heather Mac Donald, who recently discussed the myth of systematic racism (Mac Donald, 2020, June 2). Mac Donald also pointed out another deeply troubling statistic: “a police officer is 18 and a half times more likely to be murdered by a black male than an unarmed black male is to be murdered by a cop, or killed by a cop” (Mac Donald, 2020, June 4).

When Police Officers Dare to Challenge the Media…

Of course, disproving systematic racism with research and statistics does not fit the story that mainstream media has been eagerly telling the public. And they didn’t seem to like the idea. Shortly after the radio interview, National Public Radio Tulsa published an article with the following headline:

“TPD Major: Police Shoot Black Americans ‘Less Than We Probably Ought To’”

However, the article—with its outrageous headline and lack of context—set off a media firestorm around the country. Travis was assailed for allegedly suggesting that police should kill more black people. Dozens of national and international media outlets posted the story, adding even more confusion with misquotes of misquotes. Meanwhile, prominent figures reacted to the article—as though it were accurate—and held press conferences and made false and outrageous claims about Travis.

Not one media article, or prominent public figure mentioned Travis’ comparison—and most seem to be ignoring the fact he even made a comparison.

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The Media Didn’t Like The Message, So They Attacked The Messenger

In the ongoing aftermath, the media seems to have launched a personal attack on the messenger, who was brave enough to deliver a message speaking out against the accusations against law enforcement. And who had the courage to speak up and compare stats involving black and whites.

Travis has stood up for other officers. Help him stand up for himself…

Travis needs help to legally challenge the wrongdoings of some of the biggest names in news media. Every donation will be used to help pay for legal representation and prepare evidence.

Any additional funds will be used to establish the Law Enforcement Advocacy Network (L.E.A.N.), to fight for other police officers who stand up and speak the truth—and get destroyed by the media for doing so. That’s what Travis did in writing his book The Courageous Police Leader, which was inspired by the unfortunate story of Stacy Ettel.

Despite the death threats Travis and his family have received, the on-going false accusations, and continuing lies in the media about “systematic racism,” Travis continues to fight for law enforcement.

We need your help to support him—and to help fight the lies and accusations against law enforcement.

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“Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but whoever takes crooked paths will be found out.” Proverbs 10:9


Fryer, R. (2017). An empirical analysis of racial differences in police use of force. Journal of Political Economy. Retrieved from Harvard University.

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